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Custom Eyeglasses

In 1983, LensCrafters revolutionized the vision care business with in-store lens labs, offering a wide range of prescriptions. Today, advanced technology plus personal service matters most.

Customer trying on eyeglasses.

Our on-site labs let us ensure the quality of every lens is exceptional while providing a quick turnaround.

At LensCrafters, we love your eyes


We use the accurate prescription from your eye exam*, the information gathered by your associate during your store visit, including your AccuFit™ measurements that account for your face shape, as well as the type of lens you need. By the time your glasses order goes to our on-site eyewear lab, we have a personalized set of instructions on how they should be made.

Custom Eyeglasses

The technology in our labs is the same state of the art equipment found in large-scale production facilities; in some cases, it’s even more advanced. Our leadership in the industry has allowed us to invest in this technology, and in turn, provide our customers with high quality lenses.

While many types of custom prescription lenses can be made in our lab, certain lenses, including authentic brand lenses, High Definition lenses, or lenses for very strong prescriptions, require more time or the use of a special production facility. When we send your lenses to our off-site facility, we still go out of our way to deliver your custom eyeglasses to you on time.

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Improved vision with anti-reflective

LensCrafters is always developing ways to help you see clearer, farther, and in brighter color. The newest addition to our eyeglass labs is an Anti-Reflective coating machine. AR coating eliminates glare and relieves eyestrain caused by frequent computer use or night driving. Lenses with this coating repel dust and smudges and wipe clean easily. And by eliminating reflections on the front of your lenses, people can see through your lenses to your eyes, for a better view of you.

We partnered with a world-class equipment producer to bring the Anti-Reflective capability into our eyeglass labs. And while it’s currently only in some stores, we continue to invest in the technology so we can help more customers see their best. If you’re interested in AR coating, contact your local LensCrafters and see if this service is available.

Certified lab technicians

A lab technician oversees every detail of your custom prescription lens creation process, from cutting the lens to triple-checking your finished glasses. Our lab technicians are highly trained and certified through a rigorous exam process. This helps ensure you receive an impeccably made pair of glasses the first time.

Today, you’ll find an on-site lab in most LensCrafters stores. It’s part of our underlying commitment to customer satisfaction and industry innovation. And we continue to develop new lens technology and lens-cutting capabilities, so we can help you see with perfect clarity.

Man being handed a LensCrafters bag.